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RPT Release Notes: 2021.09.15

This article lists recent changes to the product.

Added - Committee form requirement to appear on Case Step:

When viewing the case steps on the Case Review Steps page of Templates and Cases, we display if a step has a required document on it. We now display when a case or template step has a required form on it in a similar fashion. An RPT Admin on the case review steps of a case or a template can see if the individual steps have any required forms.

Fixed: Submitted candidate packet displaying as "In Progress (Not Yet Submitted):

Fixed an issue with Status for packets causing confusion among faculty members who have submitted sections for their case. When an RPT candidate is reviewing their open packets (Nav: Your Packets > under Active), they will see a status for their packet:

  • Last Submitted on date:
    • When the entire packet is submitted
    • When there is a mix of submitted sections/unsubmitted sections.
  • Not Submitted
  • We removed the In Progress (Not Yet Submitted) status.

Improved - On 'Past Due' packet home items we removed the ‘past due’ notice for when a packet with a due date is past due:

There was a red Past Due value that appeared under the Due Date column of the Candidate Packet action item. We have many scenarios where a packet will never be considered fully complete, so the Past Due notice was alarming.

  • When an RPT candidate with a packet that has a due date is viewing their packet home item, then the due date should display on the home item
  • When an RPT candidate with a packet that has a due date is viewing their packet home item after the due date has passed, then the due date should remain on the home item