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About Rich Text in Scholarly Contributions in Faculty Activity Reporting

FAR can now capture rich text and select special characters natively in the titles and descriptions of Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions (SCCP) activity records. 


Why did we make this improvement?

Until recently the FAR module did not directly support rich text or special characters in the titles or descriptions of SCCP activity records. For many such activities in many different fields, a complete and accurate record requires the appropriate script and characters for that activity. 


What is this improvement?

The new styling options include italics, underlining, bolding, superscripts, subscripts, and many special characters used in non-English languages, statistics, computer science, and more. This applies only for SCCP activities, and only in the Title and Description fields. Users can now officially capture the accurate title of contributions like:

  • Humans and Animals in Don Quixote and The Faerie Queene”
  • “Eligiendo una edición académica de Cien años de soledad” 
  • “Nonstandard Derivatives of Xn / N
  • “Unexpected Interactions of  H2O and O3
  • “Understanding Virginia Code §10.11-§10.34 after John v. Andrews”
  • Computer science, statistics, law, and other articles whose titles or descriptions include { }, [ ], < >, ©, ®, and more

Where is this improvement located?

The complete titles with any rich text styling will appear in:

  • In-product records of the activity, such as in your account’s Activities section
  • Vitas generated through the new vita builder (Please note: The legacy vita generation feature will not support these new special characters.)
  • Scholarly Activities and Scholarly Citations reports that include Title or Description fields for the activity
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