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Faculty Search Release Notes - 2021.12.01

Added: We now allow the removal of a title from an admin even if they are the only admin with that title

Previously, when an admin was the only one with a title, it could not be removed. We now allow removal of a title from an admin even if they are the only admin with that title. An admin removing the title of another admin can remove the title even if they are the last admin with that title. Removing the title of another admin who is the last title holder, no longer breaks the template, and positions can successfully be created. When all titles are removed from admins, they can delete the title from the title page

Added: Activate RSS Position Feed:

Institutional-level admins can generate an RSS feed url for position data in their account so that they can provide this information to other users to build out an integration.

  • An Institutional Admin going to Administration > Position Advertising will see a new subsection with the header Position RSS Feed And with help text that says: Activate a data feed for the public positions at your institution. The feed will contain details about each open position, including title, unit, deadline, and description.
  • When the institution DOES NOT HAVE the feed activated, a button that says Activate Feed displays. When Activate Feed is clicked, the decision is submitted, an RSS URL label will appear, and help text should display that says Once activated, the feed may take up to 30 seconds to populate with data, and the RSS URL should display as a link to be copied. There should be a button to copy the URL
  • And the Activate Feed button should disappear.
  • When the institution DOES HAVE the feed activated, on Administration > Position Advertising the RSS URL label displays with the the RSS URL link and a button to copy the URL. User cannot disable it or see the messaging about the feed taking 30 seconds to activate.