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RPT Release Notes: 2021.07.21

This article lists the most recent product changes. 

Added - Autosave candidate form responses:

Candidates in RPT can save their form response without completing all required questions, so they can save their progress.

  • Auto-saving is applied to each input individually and not to forms as a whole.
  • Form can be saved without all required responses.
  • When a save is carried out we change the details line to ‘Saving’, and once done we set the status to 'Last Saved on date at time EST’, unless there was an error.
    For example: Last Saved on Jun 23, 2021 at 11:34 AM EST
  • We display the "Save" button along with Date/Time of Last Save
  • If a change fails to auto-save, the user will need to retry manually we will show them an alert that there was no autosave and that they need to save manually.
  • We also warn the user if they try to leave the page before the changes are successfully saved (existing)

Fixed - Issue for API users creating cases in bulk creating multiple cases in error:

Resolved issue with duplicate cases being created when bulk cases were created, When an Administrator bulk creates cases, only one case per candidate should be created.