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Apply to a Position Hosted with Interfolio

Many institutions have partnered with Interfolio to conduct searches for jobs, grants, fellowships, and post-docs using the Interfolio platform. These opportunities are known as Interfolio-hosted positions; anyone can apply to them for free. Applications for these positions do not count against the 50 annual deliveries included with a Dossier Deliver subscription.

When you apply for an Interfolio-hosted position, your free Dossier account will be created. Any materials you attach to your application will also be added to your Dossier account, making it easy to use them for future applications hosted through Interfolio.


Check out this article About Dossier Subscription Options to learn more about the differences between a free Dossier account and the upgraded Dossier Deliver subscription.


Apply to a position

1. Apply Now to desired job listing

  1. Click the Apply Now button on the desired job listing.
  2. Sign in or Create a Free Dossier Account.

    If your profile is not complete, you will be prompted to complete it in order to apply for the position. The information provided will be shared with the institutions.


    Applying for Interfolio-hosted positions is always free. Upgrade to Dossier Deliver to send your Dossier materials to non-Interfolio applications.


2. Navigate to Interfolio-Hosted Position

Navigation: Deliveries > New Delivery > Find an Opportunity

  1. Click Deliveries on the navigation menu.
    Deliveries selected on the navigation menu
  2. Click New Delivery at the top of the Deliveries page.

    If the account is not upgraded to Dossier Deliver, a prompt will appear to upgrade the account before proceeding with delivery. Only paid Dossier Deliver accounts can be used to deliver materials.

  3. Search by position keyword, location, or institution name under Find an Opportunity.
  4. Select the desired position and click the Start Application button.

To view all the listed positions in the results, scroll to the bottom right and select "View All". You can then narrow down the results further by using Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac to search within the page.


3a. Upload Required Documents 

More information about the position and requirements can be found by selecting Position Details hyperlink in the top right-hand corner of the application.

  1. Click the Add File button adjacent to each of the listed documents to add the required materials.

    For more information on attaching a Confidential Letter of Recommendation or Evaluation, check out the Request/Manage confidential letters of recommendation accordion below.

  2. If materials have already been uploaded to the Dossier account, they will show up in the dropdown list on the tab labeled Choose Existing. To upload new files, click the Add New File tab.
  3. Select Browse to Upload, Video, or Webpage.
  4. Select material.
  5. Name your material, and select category.
  6. Click the Add button when finished.
  7. Click the Name of the desired document to preview how it will appear to the recipient receiving the application.

    Once enough documents have been uploaded to meet the requirement, a green checkmark will appear adjacent to Documents under Application Steps on the left-hand side. Each file must display a status of Received along with a timestamp beneath it for the application to be submitted. If the timestamp is missing, try refreshing the page (by exiting the application and returning) or re-upload the file from your Dossier account.


3b. Request/Manage confidential letters of recommendation

Applicants cannot upload confidential letters of recommendation themselves.

  • Users can choose to use a letter already stored in Dossier, or request a new recommendation. 
  • Applications can be submitted even when the letter request is still pending.
  • Letter writers can submit letters even after the deadline for an application has passed. 
  • When a letter writer submits their letter, it will be saved to the applicant's Dossier account and available to use for future applications.

The following actions can be done after clicking the Add File button adjacent to the Confidential Letter of Recommendation or Evaluation section.

Action Steps
Add Existing
  1. Select the letter from the list under Choose Existing
  2. Click the Add button.
Request New
  1. Select the Request a Recommendation tab.
  2. Click the Request button to begin the process.
    Add File section with Request a Recommendation tab selected and Request button is clicked
  3. Fill out the recommendation request form.

When the recommendation from the letter writer is received it will be added to the Dossier account and attached to the application. The request will appear with the status Pending until it is received from the writer.


Please note that requesting the letter fulfills the requirement. The requirement is deemed complete once all necessary letters have been requested and/or added.

Edit, Replace, Remove
  1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon adjacent to the document to be edited.

    Only the name can be edited. If any other changes need to be made, you must cancel the request and recreate it.

  2. Click Replace in the bottom right corner of the window to replace the letter or request. 
    Edit screen displays with replace button selected
  3. Click the Remove (trashcan) icon to cancel the request or letter from the application.  

    The document will be removed from the application only. A copy will remain stored in the Dossier account.


4. Submit Application

Click the Submit button once all requirements are met to apply.

  • All requirements must be met and have a green checkmark.
  • All uploaded files must also show the status Received with a timestamp.

If you do not observe any of these characteristics, the file status may not be updating correctly. Navigate to another page within your Dossier account, then return to the application by selecting Deliveries > Edit. If you continue to encounter issues, refer to the article Why am I unable to submit my application? for further assistance.



What happens after I submit?

Once you submit your application, it will become immediately available for the hiring committee to review. 


How Can I Check the Status of My Application?

You can review the completion status of your applications on the Deliveries page. The institution may post information about where they are in the hiring process (open for applications, reviewing applicants, etc.) This information can be found in the notes column, but is optional for institutions to share. Interfolio will not share any additional information beyond what is shown on this page.

The Institution may send out emails updating applicants on the status of their application or position. Otherwise, reach out directly to the institution to find out more information.

Check out this article on how to Manage Applications on the Deliveries Page for more information about what Interfolio does share about your application.


Where can I find more information about how to format required documents?

Check out this article Overview of Accepted File Types.


The institution may share more information about their expectations, such as format, for the requested requirements using one of the following methods:

  1.  Directly below the listed requirement.
  2.  In the Position Details section linked in the top right-hand corner of the application page.

How do I add additional documents that are not listed as requirements?

The institution may include a section for applicants to add additional documents. If you do not see this section on the application, reach out to the institution directly.


Why am I unable to submit my application?

Check out this article about Why am I unable to submit my application for more information on common issues when trying to submit an application and how to troubleshoot those issues.

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