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Faculty Search Release Notes - 2021.10.27

Added: Zip downloads to Faculty Search:

  • New download option has been added in all the areas users can normally download materials. When a Faculty Search user selects to download applicant materials they have the option to download as a ZIP.
    • When a ZIP is requested, user will receive an email with information and a download link of that ZIP when docs are available.
    • The request also generate a home item in the "Your files are ready for download" home item with a download link of that ZIP
    • Affected areas:
      • Document Viewer
      • Application page
      • Applicant list

Fixed: Inactive position forms are no longer shown in positions:

Fixed issue with inactive template forms showing on position screen. Deleting the form now removes the required dependency and the form should remain on existing positions. Clients can then delete the form from the positions if they choose.

Added: EEO Notes column shows in Reports

A Faculty Search user with access to reports, can now view and export EEO Notes from the Applications & Positions Report so that this data is reportable. This data is already collected by going to FS > positions > 'add' eeo note, but now when running an Applications Report and adding the EEO Notes column the user will see that data available in that column in the UI and be able to export it. Also, when running a Positions report and adding the EEO Notes column, the user can see that data available in that column in the UI and can export it

  • Notes:
    • EEO Notes will only be available in reports moving forward after this is released.
    • Permissions: Anyone who can access reports should have permission to view the EEO Notes