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Faculty Activity Reporting Release Notes 2021.08.04

This article lists recent changes to the product.


Improved - Changed copy re: coauthors in validation panel:

Changed text in banner above coauthors in validation panel from "You can edit your coauthors after you accept this record.” to "You can edit contributors after accepting this activity."

Fixed - FAR Workload calculation query for scholarly activities is now using indexes as expected:

Resolved performance issue with the query used to count the number of active scholarly activities for faculty. Calculations were taking a long time to run for large datasets. The report now returns with activity counts for the unit.

Fixed - Co-Author Verification now works as expected:

Resolved problems with co-author verification causing accepted entries to duplicate or get removed entirely. Now, when the co-author accepts the original entry and subsequently accepts an updated version of the same entry, only the updated entry appears in their Activities. When the entry is deleted by the originator, it is not deleted for the co-author and vice versa.

Fixed - Faculty comments now shown on vita Word export:

Resolved an issue causing faculty comments not to appear on Word export. Faculty comments (when enabled) will now appear on both the PDF and Word exports.