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Faculty Activity Reporting Release Notes 2021.11.10

Fixed: Issue with user not being asked to complete Activity Classifications after Accepting Record:

A user reported no longer being asked to assign Activity Classifications (AC) on accepted IDS records. Now, the Home item for filling out ACs shows up when accepting a record, this ONE action item contains all ACs that need to be completed for all accepted records, and a View all button shows when the user has 6 or more tasks.

Added: IDS User Management:

Administrator can now log in, emulate a user, accept/reject IDS records on the users behalf, but FAR and IDS will not be visible to that user until the Admin is done accepting/rejecting records for them.

  • Users can accept/reject as a support account for an inactive faculty member (i.e., a faculty member whose allow login button is unchecked.
  • The faculty member cannot see IDS and FAR, but the support account can.
  • When FAR is enabled in the tenant, then the user can see the records that were accepted/rejected for them
  • When the Administrator accepts the record for the emulated PID, the record is associated with the emulated PID and not the emulators PID